Supporting Us

Current projects:

  • Raising funds to purchase staff uniforms and technology devices $5,500.00
  • Purchase a vehicle modified or able to be modified for wheelchair access
  • Purchase of a lifter to enable participants ease of access into a vehicle –
  • Purchase or lease of a commercial space with fitouts for our innovative programs for our participants to enjoy and develop skills and knowledge
  • Raising funds for the purchase of a small modified vehicle for our participant –
  • Funding for an educational program where we interact and engage with the community to educate on living with disability as well as bringing all members of society and communities together to extinguish fear, discrimination and separation. Funding sought: $100,000.00





If you feel you would like to assist with any of the above, please contact us.

Your support is what keeps Plan Wise Living going.

You could support us by:

  • Choosing Plan Wise Living to provide your supports
  • Liking our facebook page
  • Writing a testimonial
  • Telling friends, family and allied health professionals about us
  • Make a donation

Plan Wise Living does not receive any government funding.  We are a private company established by educated, caring and dedicated parents and professionals. We have traveled a difficult journey and watched so many others travel their difficult journeys.

It is heartbreaking to watch a loved one suffer and feel helpless to make things better.  We have faced many challenges, some of the most difficult have been political and caring assistance.

Reflecting on our own challenges and listening to others, is what motivates us at Plan Wise Living.  We want to help make everyone’s journey much less difficult.  We have large plans for our company.  We plan to grow into an inclusive community based organisation with employment opportunities for all as well as educational, social and play opportunities.

This can only be achieved with funding.  If you would like to donate please Contact Us.

Our current priority is to get enough funds together to purchase a wheelchair accessible multi seat vehicle.  This vehicle will enable us to take participants into the community, to participate in fun, social events.  We will also transport participants to educational and employment venues.  Raising funds for this vehicle will be our biggest challenge, but like always, we keep trying and never give up.

We thank you in advance for your support.  It is heart warming to receive any form of support you can offer.

Thank you.