Support Coordinator

Supporting your Journey

Helping you Understand the NDIS

Life can be challenging but your NDIS plan doesn’t have to be. After all, the NDIS is here to make a positive difference in your life. 

As support coordinators, Plan Wise Living works hard to make your NDIS journey easy. Our team is well trained and experienced in handling different NDIS cases and plans. 

We have a vast collaborative network with many service providers, mainstream organisations and providers from all areas of life. This network lets us provide you with the best possible outcome for your NDIS plan. 

Benefits of Working with Plan Wise Living

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Streamlined Administration

We'll simplify the administrative processes, allowing you to fully enjoy your NDIS plan without the hassles.

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Experience that Matters

Our team understands the NDIS from both personal and professional perspectives, ensuring that we truly hear your needs and concerns.

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Support Networks

We connect you with precisely the right services, supports, and communities that perfectly match your requirements.

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Strategic Planning

We work together to create strategic plans that maximize your benefits and funding, so you can achieve your goals more effectively.

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Continuously Improving

We consistently work with the NDIS and government to ensure our knowledge is up to date.

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NDIS PLANNING can be Overwhelming

Our Expertise Simplifies the Process and Connects you with the right Support

There are so many opportunities that your NDIS plan entails. Our role as your NDIS support coordinator is to ensure you get the most out of these opportunities and maximise your benefits. 

We help participants to understand:

We alleviate stress by simplifying your plan, connecting you with the right providers, and empowering you with essential tools.

Discover Stress-Free NDIS Planning, Connect with your Ideal NDIS Support

Say goodbye to the stress and confusion of managing your NDIS plan. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Find the Right Support for your Specific Needs.

Generally, there are three levels of NDIS support coordination. The right level of support coordination is about your unique circumstances, needs, and realistic goals. Speak with us to determine which support coordination type suits you best.

Support Connection

This level of support coordination is for participants with more straightforward needs and keen to be involved in decision making and managing their NDIS plan. A Support Connection coordinator is like your guide, helping you understand your NDIS plan and find the right service providers and communities. Support Connection will also connect you with informal and funded support. As your coordinator, we’ll also help you build the skills to independently take charge of your NDIS plan.

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Support Coordination

Support Coordination is perfect for participants with unique situations requiring more complex support.  This level of support coordination is suited if you require a higher level of assistance for your plan. We will work closely to understand your goals and needs and then develop an intensive program. We will also connect you with the ideal services, communities, and opportunities that best suit your unique situation. 

Specialist Support Coordination

When things are extra challenging, that’s when Specialist Support Coordination is vital. It’s like having a super skilled ally on your side. If you’re facing high/complex needs, juggling multiple service systems, or dealing with significant challenges, Plan Wise Living Specialist Support Coordinators are here to provide intensive support.  As the highest level of support coordination we offer, its focus is addressing challenging barriers that hinder you from making the most of your NDIS plan. We aims to ensure you get consistent support from communities, service providers and mainstream services, no matter how complicated your situation may be. 

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Plan Wise Living NDIS Support Coordinators

Our support coordinators will collaborate with the NDIS network to ensure a seamless journey for you.  

Whether you need guidance in employment prospects, education opportunities, healthcare support, housing solutions and more, we have the necessary tools and knowledge to guide you through your NDIS journey. We’ll help you find the most suitable options both within the NDIS marketplace and in the mainstream environment. We may not have all the answers, and we won’t promise you what we cannot deliver. However, we’ll be there every step of the way, committed and unbiaised, keeping track of your plan and ensuring you’re maximising your funding and benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need an NDIS support coordinator?

1. If you’re new to the NDIS, the processes involved could be overwhelming. This is where we can help.  We will also help you find the right support level to match your needs

2. If your circumstances change and you or your family require additional support, especially linking with multiple providers. We help support you with this.

No. Support Coordination is an additionally funded support, separate from other supports and will be included in your NDIS plan.

After your meeting and assessment with NDIS, they will decide whether you require Support Coordination.

If you are not granted support coordination funding, but are struggling to navigate and manage the system, contact us to see how we can still help you.

Absolutely. Regardless of how your NDIS plan is managed, you can get a Support Coordination service if it is deemed reasonable and necessary by the NDIS.

Navigating the NDIS Journey can be Complicated, but you don't have to do it Alone

Our dedicated support coordinators are here to collaborate with the NDIS network, ensuring a seamless and empowering experience for you.