National Disability Insurance Scheme

What is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was created for people with permanent and significant disabilities. With it, qualified individuals can access better freedom over the support and funding they receive.  This is made possible with collaboration with organisations, service providers, mainstream supports and communities. 

By enabling expanded access to diverse opportunities, the NDIS cultivates genuine bonds with collaborators. The results are centralised services specifically tailored to the distinct requirements of a qualified individual.

The NDIS is available all over Australia. Since 2013, it has been progressively rolled out across different regions and states.  As of March 31 2023, about 600,000 Australians have access to it. 

Unlock NDIS Clarity and Empower your Journey with Us.

If you want to understand the NDIS and where to find your ideal NDIS support coordinator, you’re in the right place. 

How To What is the NDIS
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NDIS Eligibility Checklist

Disability Requirement Criteria

To fulfil the disability requirements, the NDIS necessitates documentation demonstrating the following points where the disability:

What if I Have a Disability
But Am Not Eligible?

Suppose you’re not eligible for funding and support. In that case, the NDIS will still help you find access to communities and services available in your area via other support provided by the State and Territory government. 

Working with a Plan Wise Living NDIS Support Coordinator

There are so many great opportunities in your NDIS plan – but the processes involved can be overwhelming. 

At Plan Wise Living, our experienced and friendly support coordinators are here to help you make informed decisions about your funding and services so you get the most out of them. 

Your support coordinator will help you understand your plan, what it entails and how to align it with your goals. They will also offer valuable advice, support, and advocacy to ensure you get the proper support from ideal providers, services and communities. 

National Disability Insurance Scheme
National Disability Insurance Scheme

Get the Most from Your NDIS Plan

With support coordination from Plan Wise Living, you can ensure that your allocated funding is maximised and managed for your most essential support needs. Your support coordinator can also facilitate discussions with service providers, doctors, specialists, education providers and other relevant parties, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

As your needs evolve, your support coordinator will do a timely review to adjust your plan to remain relevant to the support you need.  Overall, the guidance and expertise of a support coordinator not only simplify the administrative aspect but also reduce the stress of the process so you can focus more on your well being and goals.

Relieve the Burden of Overwhelming NDIS Planning

Will I Qualify for an NDIS Plan?

We can help you understand the application process and the NDIS guidelines for suitability. We can assist with the application if you wish. It doesn’t matter if you complete the application yourself or with help, once completed and submitted, then the NDIS will assess your application. The assessment phase might involve discussions with your family, healthcare providers, doctors, and other people who currently support you in the community and at home.

The assessment phase will vary from case to case, depending on personal circumstances. Your health professional is essential to the process because they may be required to complete documents as requested by the NDIS. These could include Access Request Forms, health records and assessments that outline the extent and impact of your disability. 

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Process overview

Straightforward NDIS Processing with Our Support Coordinator Services

The NDIS process can be intricate, but our support coordinators at Plan Wise Living are here to help you navigate with ease. If you qualify for an NDIS plan, our support coordinator services are readily available to assist you throughout your journey.

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Eligibility Confirmation

Once you're deemed eligible, you'll be invited to a planning meeting.

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Personalised Planning

In this meeting, you'll discuss your goals, needs, and aspirations with an NDIS planner, resulting in a bespoke plan.

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Plan Approval and Access

After development, your NDIS plan will be approved, and you'll receive a formal document detailing your eligible support and funding. With an approved plan, you can begin accessing the services and supports outlined.

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Periodic Review

our NDIS plan will undergo an annual review or when significant changes occur, ensuring it adapts to your evolving needs.

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Empowering Lives, One Journey at a Time

Our Story and Commitment

Our passion and commitment is to help people with disabilities thrive and live their lives to the fullest. As your support coordinator, we will be your guiding hands, simplifying the administrative and tedious parts of the NDIS process. 

Plan Wise Living started by Giuliana when she began navigating the NDIS system back in 2013 for her daughter. Giuliana’s daughter, Gabriella has multiple disabilities and health concerns. Because of this, Giuliana relies on the collaboration and understanding of all her daughters’ providers to be able to achieve the best outcomes for Gabriella. But this collaboration is not natural for many providers, especially when this involves many systems which include health, education, mainstream support and disability specific support. So Giuliana learnt very early on how to be the key figure to orchestrate the communication and networking between all providers of Gabriella’s care. She has now taken this personal experience and knowledge and uses this to support many people with disabilities and has further shared it with her team at Plan Wise Living.