NDIS Services

At Plan Wise Living we travel with you on your NDIS journey.  We are with you from the beginning, through the many stages.

Together we will discuss the eligibility criteria, and if eligible can then assist you to apply for the NDIS.

Once your application for NDIS is lodged, you will be contacted by the NDIS to organise a plan meeting time.

Prior to the plan meeting, we meet with you to listen to your concerns and needs.  We help you to organise ideas, goals and other needs you would like met with your NDIS funding.  Having as much information as possible at your plan meeting will help to make the process go smoothly and successfully.

Some people find the planning meeting can be an emotional and confronting experience.  Some find it confusing and daunting.  Other people find them quite helpful and a relief.  Whatever your experience, we are there for you.

We are happy to attend your plan meeting with you to support you and advocate to ensure all the supports you require are addressed and considered.

Following your planning meeting, we continue your journey with you implementing the supports outlined in your plan.  Please refer to our Services page for further information.


At Plan Wise Living we can work with you to gather and collate the required information and complete the formal review request application.  We can advocate for you and speak directly with the NDIS to ensure they understand the nature of your request for review.


We are proud to work in partnership with Live Well Services, for all your support coordination needs. Together we work closely with our clients to establish the best level of care and commitment to achieve the best possible outcomes for participants and clients.


We work closely with a number of plan managers, to ensure that your services and needs are met.