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Plan Wise Living was formed to offer professional and experienced support, care and the best individual choices life has to offer to people with disabilities.  Our logo began as a representation of the 3 people in the above photo. We are a family with a daughter who has a very rare genetic disorder amongst several other disabilities and medical conditions. The logo symbol is 2 people caring for another irrespective of their DNA. Now, we are extending our care together with our professional skills and knowledge to other people with disabilities and their families. Our commitment and dedication to supporting others through their life journeys, ensuring they have the best possible care and choices is at the heart and core of what we love doing.

We have extensive experience working in various areas of the disability sector, caring for and working with people with disabilities. Our experiences have been prior to and further following the diagnoses of our daughter.  As parents we have worked for Family And Community Services, The Department of Education, Department of Health, as well as non-government disability and aged care organisations.

We are passionate about breaking down barriers and supporting people to achieve personal goals and choices in life. To be able to live the life you choose and participate in activities that you enjoy. We advocate strongly to participate in the community. To attend local venues, leisure,

Understanding life can be difficult at times,  we adopt a holistic approach, caring for the family unit as well as individuals.  We do our best to be available outside of the standard Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm hours, to assist you at a time that is most suitable to you.

As a Service Provider we take pride in being an active community participant and often network with various organisations or service providers to provide to you the best possible outcomes.

We are proud of the team we are building, ensuring our staff are well educated and supported with continuous professional development opportunities. We empower ourselves with the most up to date information, research and strategies, which we pass onto our participants and their loved ones.

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